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A jar opener for screw-off lids
Prestige Jar Opener for screw-off lids using rubber timing belt
Jar opener for preserving jar with lift-off lid - patented by Havolit, manufactured in 1950s
Automatic jar opener one-touch / Robotwist

A jar opener is a kitchen device which is used to open glass jars. A jar is sealed by either (a) a screw-off rubberised lid or (b) a lid placed on the opening of the jar with a rubber sealing-ring between. Screw-off lids are usually made of metal with a thin rubber sealing layer, the lift-off lids mostly consist of glass.

Opener for screw-off lids[edit]

A traditional jar opener for a screw-off lid will have two handles, leading up to two concentric grooved rings which can be used to fit different lids. It also sometimes has a device to open a bottle on it. There are many new models including rubber sheet grip models and rubber timing belt loop models.[1]

Opener for lift-off lids[edit]

Jar openers that are designed to wedge open a lid sealed by a rubber ring were patented and produced in Germany starting mid 1930s, but all production has halted following the turn of the century. On the right is an example of a wooden vintage jar opener for preserve jars.

Opening jars / Disabilities[edit]

Many people can remove the lids of glass jars by hand. Some people with and without disabilities cannot open a jar, while others prefer the ease.[2]

Motorised jar openers[edit]

Black & Decker introduced the first automatic jar opener in 2003.[3]

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