Jardin des plantes de La Rochelle

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The Jardin des plantes de La Rochelle is a small botanical garden located behind the natural history museum at 28 rue Albert Ier, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France. It is open daily without charge.

The garden was formerly owned by the Jesuits. In 1808 it became a municipal botanical garden as extension of the former Hôtel Jouin de la Tremblaye, but was quickly turned into a park. A new botanical garden has recently been established on the site, which now contains a collection of local plants, as well as species from China, North Africa, and North America.

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Coordinates: 46°09′54″N 1°09′02″W / 46.1651°N 1.1505°W / 46.1651; -1.1505