Jason Hamacher

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Jason Hamacher
Also known as Ponan
Origin Satellite, Florida, United States
Genres Post-hardcore
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Drums, Vocals
Years active 1993-present
Associated acts Frodus, Decahedron, Combatwoundedveteran, Battery, Mancake, Regents, Zealot, Good Clean Fun

Jason Hamacher is an American musician. He was the drummer for the bands Frodus,[1] Decahedron, Combatwoundedveteran, and the straight-edge band Battery. He also sang under the pseudonym Ponan for the Washington, DC punk band Mancake (Part Man... Part Pancake...), which released an EP on Art Monk Construction in 1999 entitled We will destroy you. Hamacher is in a band called Zealot with Mike Schliebaum of Darkest Hour.[2] He played for the band Good Clean Fun on a tour going through Europe.[3]

Aside from music, Hamacher is an accomplished photographer and documentarian and runs Lost Origin Productions LLC. He is currently[when?] working in Syria with the ancient Aramaic speaking Syrian Orthodox Church. In March 2008, Hamacher starred in the documentary short, Old Soul which won the 2008 International Documentary Challenge. Lost Origin Productions will release Hamacher's field recordings of the earliest known Christian chant, publish a book of his Syrian photography entitled Aleppo, Syria: Witness to an Ancient Legacy, and launch an international series of limited edition cross cultural images. In between 2006 and 2010, Hamacher recorded ancient Syria chants on his journeys.[4]

In 2014, the Gallery at Convergence in Alexandria hosted an exhibit of his photographs, Syria: Sacred Spaces, Ancient Prayers.[5] Hamacher has also worked with Smithsonian Folkways on a recording of Urfan chants recorded in Syria.[6]

Hamacher has written about the state of Syria and his experiences documenting the communities there for the Washington Post.[7]

Although he has remained quieter in the music scene than former band mate Shelby Cinca, Hamacher currently[when?] performs in Regents[8] with David NeSmith of Sleepytime Trio.

Hamacher is a licensed massage therapist.[2] He attended the Gigantour with The Dillinger Escape Plan as a Massage Therapist for guitarist Ben Weinman.[2]


  • Zealot - drums (2006-present)
  • Regents - drums (2007-present)



Studio albums

Live Albums

  • 22-D10 (live at WMUC Radio + Formula 7″ Sessions) (1997, No Looking Back)
  • Radio-Activity (live radio recordings at WMUC, WHFS, KXLU) (2002, Magic Bullet Records)
  • Live at Black Cat 1999 iTunes-only (2005, Lovitt Records)
  • Left for Dead in Halmstad! (live in Sweden, April 14, 1998) iTunes-only (2006, Carcrash Records)

Singles and EPs

  • Babe (1993, Gnome)
  • Tzo Boy (1993, Gnome)
  • Treasure Chest (1994, Gnome / Level)
  • Formula (1996, Lovitt / Shute)
  • Split with Trans-Megetti (1996, Art Monk Construction)
  • Explosions (1997, Day After Records)
  • Split with Roadside Monument (1997, Tooth and Nail)
  • Muddle Magazine Promo Flexi (1997, Tooth and Nail / Muddle)
  • Split with Atomic Fireball (1999, Lovitt / Japan: Flatree Records)
  • "Suspicion Breeds Confidence (Jason Vocals)" b/w "G. Gordon Liddy Show Call" (2006, Carcrash Records iTunes Only)
  • Soundlab 1 (2010, Lovitt Records)
  • Electric Youth Crew (2002, Schematics Records; Split w/ Reversal of Man)
  • Duck Down For The Torso (2002, No Idea Records)


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