Jason Hughes (sociologist)

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Jason Hughes
Born Jason Kelly Hughes
Website [[1] www2.le.ac.uk/departments/sociology/people/prof-jason-hughes%20Profile%20page]]
Academic background
Alma mater University of Leicester
Academic work
Institutions University of Leicester
Main interests Sociology

Jason Kelly Hughes (born 21 October 1973) is currently a professor and Head of the Department of Sociology at University of Leicester. Previously, he worked as a Senior Lecturer at Brunel University in West London.[1]

Hughes' research interests include problematised consumption; drugs, addiction and health; emotions, work and identity; figurational sociology and sociological theory; methods and methodology; moral panics and regulation. His first book, Learning to Smoke[2] was winner of the 2006 Norbert Elias prize,[3] and inspired by the book Why Elephants Don't Smoke.[4] More recently[when?] he has completed, together with Eric Dunning, a major study of the work of Norbert Elias entitled Norbert Elias and Modern Sociology: Knowledge, Interdependence, Power, Process.[5] He has also published a number of edited books, including Visual Methods[6] and Internet Research[7] and co-edited books, including, together with John Goodwin, Documentary and Archival Research[8] together with Chas Critcher, Julian Petley and Amanda Rolloff, Moral Panics in the Contemporary World[9] and, together with Nick Jewson and Lorna Unwin, Communities of Practice: Critical Perspectives[10]


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