Jat Airways AVIO taxi

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Jat Airways AVIO taxi
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 2002
Hubs Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Vršac Airport
Fleet size 21
Parent company Jat Airways
Headquarters Vršac, Serbia
Key people Srđan Radovanović (CEO)

Jat Airways AVIO taxi (Serbian Cyrillic: Jaт Ервејз АВИО такси) was a taxi airline company in Serbia with bases at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Vršac Airport. It was one of the three air taxi companies after Prince Aviation and Air Pink. Jat Airways AVIO Taxi was a subsidiary of the national air carrier of Serbia, Jat Airways.


The Jat Airways AVIO Taxi Company is a newer airline company. Formed in 2002 it transports passengers from Belgrade and Vršac to European destinations and a few destinations in North Africa.

In 2004 the airline started operating scenic tours for tourists flying around Belgrade city center.


The Jat Airways AVIO taxi fleet consisted of the following:

When the aircraft were not being hired for air taxi service they were often used for training by young pilots.

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