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The daily press and broadcast media in Bangladesh provide the public with a range of news but their reporting typically lacks detail. News reporting is often focused on incidents involving individuals, rather than on the systems that enabled the incident to occur. High quality journalism is a critical element of effective governance systems, and is a critical voice in promoting justice for all citizens. Journalism Training and Research Initiative (JATRI) attempts to improving the state of journalism in Bangladesh by providing training and support to journalists and to researchers investigating social and economic issues of importance to society.

Launched on May 7, 2009, JATRI is a wing of BRAC University’s Institute of Governance Studies (IGS).[1] Thorough its training content, it has already gained reputation on the quality of its training program. Mid-level journalists are the target audience for initial training events. JATRI is teaming up with international experts and local specialists to design and deliver course curriculum. Locally known and respected editors and academics are being invited as guest lecturers. JATRI also conducts research on journalism and media issues with aim to improve the media environment for journalists. The Center is developed and maintained with resource facility stocked with newspapers, journals, books and magazines.


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