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The Jaun Valley dialect (Slovene: podjunsko narečje,[1] podjunščina[2]) is a Slovene dialect in the Carinthian dialect group. It is primarily spoken in the Jaun Valley[Note 1] (German: Jauntal, Slovene: Podjuna) of Austria as well as in Strojna and Libeliče, Slovenia. It is spoken west of a line from Diex to Völkermarkt to Eberndorf, east of Sittersdorf, and north of the Ebriach dialect. Major settlements in the dialect area are Griffen, Kühnsdorf, Globasnitz, Bleiburg, and Lavamünd.[6]

Phonological and morphological characteristics[edit]

The Jaun Valley dialect has pitch accent and there has been accentual retraction from final circumflexes. It lacks Slovenian palatalization, has partially preserved the Proto-Slavic nasal vowels, long ə > a, Proto-Slavic a > ɔ, ła > wa, the phoneme /w/ is preserved, and šč > š. The addition of š- before deictics in t- (e.g., štam for tam 'there'; known as štekanje in Slovene) is typical. The dialects contains a number of subdialects, primarily differing from north to south, but also from east to west to some extent.[6]


  1. ^ Unlike the Gail Valley, the Jaun Valley is not named after a river, but after the ancient Roman settlement of Juenna.[3] Nonetheless, the German name has been traditionally deconstructed as Jaun Valley in English for well over a century[4] and continues to be used today.[5]


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