Je M'Aime

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Je M'Aime
Je M'aime.jpg
Studio album by Sow
Released 1994
Studio Ranch Apocalypse, London
Genre Spoken word, industrial
Length 41:35
Label Hyperium Records
Producer Raymond Watts
Sow chronology
Je M'Aime
Alternative Cover
Je M'aime (alternate cover).jpg

Je M'Aime is a studio album by Sow released in 1994 and re-released in 1999. Je M'Aime is the first major release of Sow.


Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Rock" - 5:53
  2. "The World Is My Oyster" - 4:15
  3. "Face Of Suede" - 6:52
  4. "Blood Sucking Bitch" - 6:53
  5. "Je M'Aime" - 3:28
  6. "Gentille Petite Fille" - 5:07
  7. "Manripe" - 9:07

Total playing time: 41:35

Versions of tracks 2 and 7 appeared also on the single Manripe. On that release track 2 is named "Found In The Lake" on the back and "4 Years Old" on the label on the record.


1999 re-release[edit]