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Sow was the musical project of Anna Wildsmith, based in France. Raymond Watts, for a time Wildsmith's boyfriend, is also heavily involved in the production of Sow releases. Wildsmith has likewise appeared on numerous Pig albums, writing lyrics or performing vocals, such as the song "Cry Baby" from Genuine American Monster. Sow opened for Pigface on their Red Neck, White Trash And Blue Movie Tour in 1998, with Anna Wildsmith also taking the stage for part of the Pigface set. To date, Sow has released just three albums since its inception in 1989. Wildsmith died on September 30, 2016 after an illness.[1]


Most tracks are primarily spoken word, alternating between English and French languages, supported by experimental electronic, ambient or industrial soundscapes.


Among the artists who have contributed to Sow releases are members of KMFDM, Pig, Foetus and Euphonic. Sow's releases were published on Invisible Records, Blue Noise, I, Absentee, Yellow Ltd., and Hyperium Records. Anna Wildsmith has performed vocals on songs for Pig, H3llb3nt and 2-Kut.


Major releases[edit]

Minor releases[edit]

Other appearances of tracks by Sow[edit]

  • "The Rock" on Project 91
  • "Wedge (Pig Remix)" on Dr. Speedlove Presents: Chemical Warfare (Mix Mix Bang Bang)
  • "No Candy" and "My House" on The Sick City - Volume One