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Jean-Luc Raharimanana (born June 26, 1967, Antananarivo, Madagascar) is a Malagasy writer in French.

He wrote his first book in his native country, but he was unable to publish it because of the political situation. He went to France to study ethnolinguistics. He has been a teacher, a journalist and the writer of several books, which have been translated into German, English, Italian and Spanish. He describes the situation of poverty and corruption and the history in his homeland in a violent and lyrical style.


  • Le prophète et le président (1989)
  • Le lépreux et dix-neuf autres nouvelles (Hatier, 1992)
  • Rêves sous le linceul (Le Serpent à Plumes, 1996)
  • Le puits, (Actes Sud Papier, 1997)
  • Lucarne (Le Serpent à Plumes, 1999)
  • Nour, 1947, (Le Serpent à Plumes, 2001)
  • Landisoa et les trois cailloux (Edicef, 2001)
  • L'arbre anthropophage (Joëlle Losfeld, 2004)

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