Jean C. Chance

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Jean Chance
Born 1938
Gainesville, Florida
Alma mater University of Florida
Known for Chairwoman of the Hearst Awards Committee; University of Florida teaching and service awards; chaired UF faculty senate and Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

Jean C. Chance is an American academic.

She received her JM (1960) and MA (1969) from the University of Florida.[1]

She has served as a member of the Hearst Awards Committee for 25 of those years, and was also the Chairman as well. In addition Chance has been a faculty member at UF since 1969.[2] She was a Professor of Journalism until her retirement in 2003, and was inducted into the UF Hall of Fame and Independent Florida Alligator Hall of Fame; she served as chairwoman of the Campus Communications Inc. board and Gator Wesley Foundation board.[3]