Jean Mercier (Hebraist)

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Front page of the Procheiron or Hexabiblos of Constantine Harmenopoulos(1320 - 1380/1385), Lyon 1587 edition by Jean Mercier, translated to Latin from Byzantine Greek.

Jean Mercier, Latin Joannes Mercerus (Uzès ca. 1510 – 1570) was a French Hebraist.

He was a pupil of the less known François Vatable, and succeeded Vatable as professor of Hebrew at the Collège Royal.[1] His students included Philippe du Plessis-Mornay, and Pierre Martinius who became professor at La Rochelle. Mercier was Lecteur du Roi from 1546 onwards.[2]

He fled to Venice because of his sympathies with Protestantism, but returned to France and died of the plague.


  • Aramaic grammar Tabulae in grammaticen linguae Chaldaeae (Paris, 1560)
  • De notis Hebraeorum liber (1582), revised by Jean Cinqarbres
  • Commentary on Genesis (Geneva, posthumous 1598), published by Théodore de Bèze



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