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La mort d'Adonis, painted by Jean Monier, from château de Cheverny.

Jean Monier (or Mosnier; 1600–1656) was a French painter. He was born and died in Blois.

Monier's father also named Jean was a glass painter and early mentor. Monier executed a work for Queen Marie de Medici in which she reportedly was so impressed that she rewarded him with a significant payment. He used the money to travel to Rome where he became familiar with the works of Nicolas Poussin. In 1623 Monier returned to France, and performed some additional work for Queen Marie. He then retired to briefly to Chartres, then eventually returned to Blois. His son Pierre also became a painter. Monier died there in 1656.


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  • This article incorporates text translated from the corresponding French Wikipedia article.

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