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Jean Morton (1921 - 26 May 2012) was a British television announcer.[1] She served as continuity announcer from the launch of the original Midlands regional independent television station, ATV. She was one of four original announcers, the others being Arthur Adair, Peter Cockburn and Shaw Taylor.[2] The launch of independent television in the UK was a major social and political event at the time, breaking the monopoly of the BBC, which was funded by a licence paid by all viewers, and introducing commercials as a source of revenue for the first time.

She was particularly associated with Tingha and Tucker, the ATV programme for children, which ran from 1962 to 1970. She hosted the show as Auntie Jean. The show's fan club was so successful that ATV couldn't cope with the volume of mail and it had to be closed down.[3] The Sunday edition of the programme was notable for its religious content, with Auntie Jean reading bible stories to the two koalas .[4]

She was married to the late Bobbie Daniel.[5]

From the early 1970s she lived in Ibiza.[5]

She died aged 91 in Lichfield,Staffordshire,UK on the 26 May 2012.


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