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Jeff Mercel is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and studio musician, best known for his time in the indie rock band, Mercury Rev.

Early life and education[edit]

Jeff Mercel attended SUNY Fredonia, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1993.[1] In 1996, Mercel played drums with the band Grand Mal on their self-titled album released by Number Six Records.[2]

Time with Mercury Rev[edit]

Mercel first played with Mercury Rev on their breakthrough 1998 album, "Deserter's Songs",[3] playing drums, both in studio and on tour. For the band's next album, 2001's "All is Dream", his role expanded to pianos, contributing to the arranging, mixing, and producing.[4] He stayed with Mercury Rev for the next nine years, playing on the albums "The Secret Migration" (2005),[5] "Hello Blackbird" (2006),[6] "Back to Mine" (2006), "Snowflake Midnight" (2008), and "Strange Attractor" (2008).[7] In 2011 Mercel rejoined with the band for a world tour to promote the release of the double disc reissue of "Deserter's Songs."

Work as a composer[edit]

During his time with Mercury Rev, Mercel helped score the feature length film, Bye Bye, Blackbird (2005). In 2010, Mercel left working with Mercury Rev full time to pursue work as a composer. His work has appeared in numerous television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS, and Showtime's This American Life. One can also hear his work in commercials for BMW, and the recent "Got Milk?" ad campaign featuring Selma Hayek.

Mercel has also worked in film scoring the animated short, Marvin (2010) starring Steve Coogan, and the live action shorts Daniel (2010), Chaser (2012), and Sam (2012). In 2012 he composed the music for the feature film "5 Shells."[8]


Album Band Year
Grand Mal Grand Mal 1996
Deserter's Songs Mercury Rev 1998
All is Dream Mercury Rev 2001
Secret Migration Mercury Rev 2005
Hello Blackbird Mercury Rev 2006
The Essential Mercury Rev Mercury Rev 2006
Snowflake Midnight Mercury Rev 2008
Strange Attractor Mercury Rev 2008



Bye, Bye, Blackbird Feature 2005
Marvin Short 2010
Daniel Short 2010
Chaser Short 2010
Sam Short 2012
5 Shells Feature 2012



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