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Jenny & Tyler
Jenny & Tyler at the UD Scrounge.jpg
Jenny & Tyler performing at University of Delaware's student center, The Scrounge
Background information
Origin Newark, Delaware, U.S.
Years active 2004–present[2][1]
Labels Residence
  • Jenny Somers
  • Tyler Somers[3]

Jenny & Tyler are a husband-wife pop-folk band originally from Newark, Delaware, and currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. The group consists of singer-songwriters Jenny Somers and Tyler Somers. Their style is a fusion of folk, pop, funk, rock, soul, and bluegrass that has been called "soul-grass". The duo has independently released three full-length albums and two EPs, and regularly tour the United States.


Musical background[edit]

Before Jenny's father retired from the Air Force, her family moved cross-country regularly. While being regularly uprooted, she came to find a home for self-expression in the art of songwriting at an early age. Since she grew up immersed in bluegrass, old country, and Bob Marley. These musical styles have shaped the duo's creative process ever since. Her father has begun to craft musical instruments as a retirement hobby, several of which have been used by the duo in performances.

Tyler was born in Wilmington, Delaware, with both of his parents; his father Wilson Somers is a jazz composer and music teacher at The Tatnall School, and his mother is a singer. His parents exposed him to numerous music performers and styles, including jazz, classic rock such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton; folk artists including Simon & Garfunkel and James Taylor; and numerous jazz musicians, all at an early age.

Jenny and Tyler first met in late 2004 while students at the University of Delaware. Almost immediately, they began writing songs together and backing each other up at shows. Tyler formed a band with his roommate, Joel Rakes, and Jenny continued to write and perform as a solo act. After a while, Jenny and Tyler began dating, and in mid 2006 they began work on an album together.

They were married in June 2007, in between production and release of their first record, A Prelude, which was released that December. The pair spent the next year touring the mid-Atlantic states, and settled in Nashville in August 2008, in order to continue their musical careers.

Jenny & Tyler performed live on NBC 10 Philadelphia's 'The 10! Show' in late 2009 to promote This Isn't a Dream and a homeless benefit concert with Wilson Somers, at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington.[4] They returned to the 10! Show in 2011 to perform "This Is Just So Beautiful."[5]

In mid-2013, Jenny & Tyler announced the birth of their first child, a baby girl named Jane.[6] Jenny & Tyler's second daughter Sara was born in early 2015.[7] Their third daughter, Mary, was born in July 2017.[8]

Writing and recording process[edit]

Jenny & Tyler describe their song-writing process as very collaborative, as they constantly bounce ideas off of each other. Tyler had been the primary sound engineer and producer for all of their records until Mitch Dane produced the record Open Your Doors, which was released on April 3, 2012.[9]


On their 2010 release, Faint Not, Jenny & Tyler collaborated with Third Day front man Mac Powell, who provided backing vocals for the song "Carry Me". The couple had met Powell when they opened for him at a men's conference in Wilmington, DE.[10]

They covered "We Will Become Silhouettes" by the Postal Service, along with covers by several other artists for a 10-year celebration of the band.[11]

Jenny & Tyler have announced they are supporters of International Justice Mission in the fight against human trafficking,[12] including their recent album of covers, For Freedom.


  • Jennifer Frances "Jenny" Somers[13] (born March 15, 1986) [14]
  • Tyler W. Somers[15] (born March 20, 1985)[16]


Year Title Billboard chartings[17][18]
2007 A Prelude
2009 This Isn't a Dream
2009 A Prelude: Acoustic EP
2009 Love Came Down: A Christmas EP
2010 Faint Not[19]
2011 Live at Studio A
2012 Open Your Doors[20][21] Christian 31, Folk 19, Heatseekers 25
2013 For Freedom[22] Christian 43, Folk 21, Heatseekers 21
2015 Of This I'm Sure[23][24] Christian 40, Folk 25, Heatseekers 18
2016 Christmas Stories[25] Heatseekers 21
2017 For Freedom II[citation needed]

Faint Not[edit]

Faint Not is described by the couple as their first major success, and it garnered attention from many artists who would collaborate with the couple over the next few years. The couple have also stated that the album "chronicles our journey of faith".[26] Faint Not featured the songs "As Long as Our Hearts are Beating" and "This is Just So Beautiful" which were both featured on Pretty Little Liars.[citation needed]

For Freedom[edit]

Jenny & Tyler have announced they are supporters of International Justice Mission in the fight against human trafficking, and state "For Freedom", their most recent album is in support of these efforts. This album is a series of covers, including "Tonight, Tonight", and "The Sound of Silence".[27]

Kickstarter projects[edit]

The duo recently established a Kickstarter page to support a new album, as well as the production of a live album.[28]

Of This I'm Sure[edit]

Of This I'm Sure was released October 16, 2015 from Residence Music.[citation needed]

Christmas Stories[edit]

2016's Christmas Stories contained two songs which were listed on the charts for a time: "Winter Wonderland"[29] and "Christmastime".[30]


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