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Jenson is an English language patronymic surname meaning "son of Jens". The prefix "Jens-" is a German and Danish surname. Jenson is rarely used as a given name. There are alternate spellings, including the Danish variant, Jensen.

People with the name Jenson include:

Jenson Button, British racing driver


Family name
Meaning "son of Jens"
Region of origin Germany, Scandinavia
Related names Jensen.
  • Andrew Jenson (1850–1941), church historian for the Latter Day Saints
  • Dan Jenson (b. 1975), Australian professional squash player
  • Mary Goodrich Jenson (1907-2004), American aviator and journalist
  • Nicolas Jenson (1420–1480), French engraver, pioneer printer and typographer
  • Jenson K Thomas (b. 1990), Indian citizen
  • Robert Jenson (b. 1930), American Lutheran and ecumenical theologian
  • Roy Jenson (1927–2007), Canadian actor and footballer; father of Sasha Jenson
  • Sasha Jenson (b. 1964), American film and television actor; son of Roy Jenson
  • Vicky Jenson (born c. 1957), American animator
  • Jenson Benjamin

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