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Jeremy J. C. Mallinson OBE is a conservationist associated with the Durrell Wildlife Park and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. He joined the zoo in 1960, but his great dedication saw him become Head of Mammals, and ultimately the Director of the Trust when he retired in 2002. Jeremy Mallinson was awarded the OBE in 1997 for services rendered unto conservation. He was also awarded the Wildlife Conservation Award from the Zoological Society of San Diego upon retirement in 2002. Mallinson was a close personal friend of Gerald Durrell, the founder of the Durell Wildlife Park and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Jeremy Mallinson has authored books about his animal experiences at the zoo and on animal collecting or conservation missions for the Trust. He has also published a book on book frontispieces and cover pages dedicated to him by personal friends Gerald Durrell and Lawrence Durrell. He has also brought out his first novel in 2004 - The Count's Cats - which was received favourably by the media.

Jeremy Mallinson has travelled extensively in Africa, Asia and South America in the course of his work. He has also reared a lioness and a cheetah outside the auspices of the Durell Wildlife Park.