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Jeremy Shafer (born c. May 8th 1973) is a professional entertainer and origamist based in Berkeley, California. He has been folding origami since he was ten. He creates his own origami designs which tend to be whimsical and ridiculous, such as his "Man Swatter" and "BARF Bag". Shafer is sometimes billed as Jeremy the Juggler, and his stunts include folding a burning origami bird, riding a flaming unicycle, and juggling torches.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Jeremy Shafer grew up in Berkeley, California. He went to high school at Berkeley High School and graduated in 1991.[2] He attended college at University of California, Santa Cruz and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Math. He then later decided to pursue his career as a professional child entertainer.[3] Shafer is fluent in Spanish and can also speak some French, Italian, and Japanese.[4] Shafer now lives in Berkeley, California. [5]


Shafer has taught at multiple workshops and camps for both children and adults.[6] He taught for 13 summers at Camp Winnarainbow, a circus-arts/activities camp in California. He has taught scientists how to design their own origami models as an exercise in problem solving.[7] Jeremy is considered to be one of the greatest oragamists. He is an entertainer as well. He performs at fairs across the globe and also performs at private parties. As well as folding others' models, he has designed his own and published many of them across three books.

Shafer was an active member of OrigamiUSA and published a quarterly newsletter for the San Francisco Bay Area origami group, BARF (Bay Area Rapid Folders, a play on BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit). However, he decided to resign to focus on his YouTube channel. He has four YouTube channels which are called Jeremyevents, Jeremyshafervariety, Jeremyshaferorigami, and Simple Balloon Animals. Out of all four, jeremyshaferorigami is his most popular channel, where he teaches how to fold new origami models that he designed, as well as some from his books. The channel has over 272,000 subscribers, and over 50,000,000 views.[8]


Some of Shafer's models include the Squishy Blob, the Flasher, the Stress Reliever, the Sword Swallower, the Man Swatter, and many more. Most of his creations are rather whimsical and amusing, not complex ones.



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