Jerzy Domaradzki

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Jerzy Domaradzki (born 6 January 1943 in Lviv) is a Polish born film director, resident in Australia. He is most closely associated with Poland's film industry. Following his 1974 graduation from the National Film School in Łódź, Domaradzki got his start working as an assistant and second unit director. He then worked with Andrzej Wajda for the "X" film unit. Director of movies Bestia (1979), Wielki bieg (1981), Planeta krawiec (1983), Biały smok (1987), Łuk Erosa (1987). Australian Productions, Struck by Lightning (1990), Lilian's Story (1996).[1]

In addition to his subsequent movie career, Domaradzki also directs television, Documentary and theatrical productions. In the late '80s, he moved to Australia and in 1988 was appointed director-in-residence at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney.[1]