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Jesper Myrfors (born c. 1964[citation needed] in Sweden) is a founding member of Hidden City Games and Clout Fantasy.


He was the original art director for Magic: The Gathering,[1] and several of that game's initial expansions. He also has several game designs to his credit, including the Magic expansion The Dark and The Hills Rise Wild (co-designed by John Scott Tynes). Myrfors graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in illustration and is a two time winner of the GAMA award for graphic design and art direction.

Myrfors lived in Snohomish, Washington, while working as chief creative officer for Hidden City Games, publisher of the game he created in 2005, Clout Fantasy.[2][3][4][5] He later moved to Mercer Island, Washington, where he works as chief creative officer for Aspect Arts Studio.[citation needed]

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