Jesse Rae

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Jesse Rae
Birth name William Philip Jesse Rae
Origin Scottish Borders Scotland
Genres Scots Funk Funk, R&B dub, pop
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, composer
Instruments Voice, bass, keyboards
Years active 1978–present
Labels Bold (TK), Columbia, WEA, On-U, Luzuli Music
Associated acts Space Cadets, Strange Parcels
Website Jesse Rae's channel on YouTube

Jesse Rae is a Scottish singer and composer from St Boswells in Scotland.[1]


As a songwriter, Rae is best known for the 1982 song, "Inside Out", a hit single by the band Odyssey.[2][3] Rae's own version was included on his debut album, The Thistle.[4] Rae dedicated the album to "Luzuli and Senkrah and Scotland."[5]

Rae's single "Over the Sea", reached number 65 in the UK Singles Chart in 1985.[6][7] The Thistle was then released in 1987 on WEA.[4]

A second studio album, Compression was eventually released in 1996.[8] The album was notable for being recorded via the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) system, a product of the BT Group.

A remastered version of The Thistle was released by River Records in 2004 and included a DVD of three promotional videos for the songs "Over The Sea", "The Thistle" and "Chainsaw" directed by Rae in the mid-1980s.

On 21 October 2010, Rae opened for Adam Ant at The Union Chapel in London, UK, playing a 30-minute set.[citation needed] On 23 May 2011, Rae was again a support act for Adam Ant, who performed at the O2 Academy in Glasgow, Scotland. On 11 December 2011, Rae played two "live music video shows" at Edinburgh, Scotland's "Voodoo Lounge" bar. In regard to the Voodoo Lounge shows, Rae explained: "I call it, my Aye Pad, using the fronteer of technolegy using pioneering software for full interactive intertainment, and the 'Rae formula' to making Music Videos."[9]

Rae's compilation album, The Best O' ,[10] was released on CD, with a companion CD release of rare tracks, Funk Warrior - A Collection, in July 2012. Both editions were limited to 500 copies.

A second reissue of The Thistle was released as an expanded double-CD on 12 May 2014, and features 12 unreleased mixes and four tracks previously unavailable on CD. The reissue, entitled The Thistle (Special Edition), was limited to a run of 1,000 copies—which consisted of a jewel case with an eight-page booklet—and was released by Rae's own Luzuli Music label.[11]

Jesse also spent a brief time in Cleveland, Ohio with members of Granicus in a band called The Boys. Jesse can be heard on Thieves Liars and Traitors by Granicus on a cut called Taste of Love.


The music video for the single—in which Rae wears a kilt and helmet, while holding a claymore, in both New York City, United States (US) and the Scottish Highlands—won a Vira award.[12]


During an October 2012 solo performance at the Paisley Abbey venue in Paisley, Scotland, Roddy Frame, formerly of Aztec Camera, performed a rendition of "Inside Out". Frame explained that during his time as a WEA artist, he was asked about Rae, who was conveyed as a Scottish musician who always wore a kilt and helmet. Frame expressed "love" for the song and explained that he enjoyed playing the song at his home.[13]


In 2007 Rae stood for the Scottish Parliament as an independent in the Scottish Borders electoral constituency of Roxburgh and Berwickshire.[14] He gained 318 votes for a 1.2% share of the vote.[15] He stood again in 2011 as an independent candidate in the expanded seat of Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire this time polling 308 votes for a 1.1% share.

In 2015 general election, he stood in Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk.



  • "D.E.S.I.R.E." / "Skydiver" - (1979 U.S. 12" single / 1981 UK 7" & 12" single)
  • "Rusha" / "Desire" - (1982 12" single)
  • "(It's Just) The Dog In Me" / "Be Yourself" - (1984 12" single)
  • "Over The Sea" / "Party Crackers" (edit) / "Over The Sea" (Instrumental Version)* - (1985 7", 7" picture disc & 12" single*)
  • "Hou-di-ni" (edit / full version*) / "Idio-syn-crazy" - (1987 7" & 12" single*)
  • "That Kind O' Girl" (Scottish Additional Mix*) / "Friend-Ship" - (1987 7" & 12" single*)
  • "Body Blastin" / "Life's A Killer Dog" / "Jacob's Pillow" - (1993 10" single - 1000 copies only)


  • The Thistle - (1987) LP & Cassette - Initial LP copies included free 7" single of "Over The Sea" (Video Soundtrack Mix) / "Party Crackers" (edit)
  • Compression - (1996) CD
  • Greatest Funk Hits - (with the Space Cadets) - (2000) Privately released CD-R
  • Greatest Hits - (2001) Privately released CD-R
  • No Surrender - (2003) Privately released CD-R
  • The Thistle - (2004) CD reissue with bonus DVD
  • The Best O' - (2012) CD - Limited edition of 500 copies.
  • Funk Warrior - A Collection - (2012) CD - Limited edition of 500 copies.
  • The Thistle - Special Edition (2014) 2CD - Limited edition of 1000 copies.


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