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Jesse Sprinkle
BornJune 22, 1976[1]
OriginSeattle, Washington
Recording Engineer
Record producer
InstrumentsDrums, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Associated actsPoor Old Lu
Dead Poetic
Demon Hunter
Paradise Uganda

Jesse Sprinkle (born June 22, 1976) is a singer, songwriter, drummer, guitarist, and rapper.


At 13, Jesse and his brother Aaron Sprinkle formed the Christian alternative rock group Poor Old Lu, for which Jesse contributed drums, percussion and vocals.[2] Between 1990 and 2002, they released 8 albums and toured nationally. Poor Old Lu amicably disbanded in 2002.[3]

His first solo effort was an instrumental mail-order-only CD called Sunsites[4] based around Jesse's acoustic guitar and cello by friend Phil Peterson. Jesse and Phil recorded under several different names around this time, including:

  • Clive Staples (Persuading You Near)
  • The Color Nature (Scenes)
  • Dinner Mint (A Tribute to Stryper)

Jesse then took a more traditional band musical approach and recorded Roobrik under the moniker The World Inside.[5]

Jesse continues to record his own music, while drumming for other bands,[4] Morella's Forest, Demon Hunter,[4] Dead Poetic,[4] Burning Daylight,[4] and Transparent. His live percussive contributions include Michael Knott, Denison Witmer, Kutless, Starflyer 59, The Lashes, and more.


as himself[edit]

  • Sunsites (1996, Blind Records)
  • Holiday Runner
  • Unnoticed (2005, Blind Records)
  • A Collection (1996-2006) (2006, Blind Records)
  • The Corner of an Unlit World (2006, Blind Records)
  • The Demo Reel (2007, Bluebrick Recordings)
  • Surrounded By Lights (2008, Blind Records)
  • Three Worlds - Songs Inspired By Africa (with Derek Joseph, 2009, Bluebrick Recordings)
  • Streamstory (2011, Bluebrick Recordings)

solo work under various monikers[edit]

  • Roobrik (as The World Inside, 1999, Organic Records)
  • The World Inside/7-Head Division LP (as The World Inside)

with Demon Hunter[edit]

with Dead Poetic[edit]

  • Vices (2006, Tooth & Nail Records)

as a member of bands[edit]

Compilation discography[edit]

  • Sweet Family Music: A Tribute to Stryper - All For One (as Dinner Mint)
  • Isaiah 53:5 A Tribute to Stryper - The World Of You And I (as Dinner Mint)
  • Persuading You Near - Evening Windows (as Clive Staples)
  • Scenes - For Fear of His Splendor (as The Color Nature)
  • Nehemia Project 1 - The Time I Chased the Sun (as The World Inside)
  • Vitaphonic (and other sonic pleasures) - September (as The World Inside)

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