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Jesse Sprinkle
Born (1976-06-22) June 22, 1976 (age 44)
OriginSeattle, Washington
Recording Engineer
Record producer
InstrumentsDrums, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Associated actsPoor Old Lu
Dead Poetic
Demon Hunter
Paradise Uganda

Jesse Sprinkle (born June 22, 1976) is a singer, songwriter, drummer, guitarist, and rapper.


At 13, Jesse and his brother Aaron Sprinkle formed the Christian alternative rock group Poor Old Lu, for which Jesse contributed drums, percussion and vocals.[1] Between 1990 and 2002, they released 8 albums and toured nationally. Poor Old Lu amicably disbanded in 2002.[2]

His first solo effort was an instrumental mail-order-only CD called Sunsites[3] based around Jesse's acoustic guitar and cello by friend Phil Peterson. Jesse and Phil recorded under several different names around this time, including:

  • Clive Staples (Persuading You Near)
  • The Color Nature (Scenes)
  • Dinner Mint (A Tribute to Stryper)

Jesse then took a more traditional band musical approach and recorded Roobrik under the moniker The World Inside.[4]

Jesse continues to record his own music, while drumming for other bands,[3] Morella's Forest, Demon Hunter,[3] Dead Poetic,[3] Burning Daylight,[3] and Transparent. His live percussive contributions include Michael Knott, Denison Witmer, Kutless, Starflyer 59, The Lashes, and more.


as himself[edit]

  • Sunsites (1996, Blind Records)
  • Holiday Runner (as Holiday Runner, 2002)
  • Unnoticed (2005, Blind Records)
  • A Collection (1996-2006) (2006, Blind Records)
  • The Corner of an Unlit World (2006, Blind Records)
  • The Demo Reel (2007, Bluebrick Recordings)
  • Surrounded By Lights (2008, Blind Records)
  • Three Worlds - Songs Inspired By Africa (with Derek Joseph, 2009, Bluebrick Recordings)
  • Streamstory (2011, Bluebrick Recordings)
  • The Winter Blue (as Jesse And The Sprinkles, 2015, Bluebrick Recordings)
  • A Very Sprinkle Christmas (2015, Bluebrick Recordings)
  • Better Places (2018, Bluebrick Recordings)

work with schools[edit]

with Demon Hunter[edit]

with Dead Poetic[edit]

with Kutless[edit]

with Poor Old Lu[edit]

with The World Inside[edit]

  • Roobrik (1999, Organic Records)
  • Untitled (split LP w/ Seven Head Division, 2000, True Tunes Records)

with The Wrong Mind[edit]

as a member of bands[edit]

  • Serene (with Serene, 2002, Arena Rock Records)
  • Tiny Lights Of Heaven (with Morella's Forest, 2002, Endearing)
  • "Cheer Up Baby" and "CPR" from New Old Friends (with Dolour, 2004, Made In Mexico Records)
  • Everything Leads to Erosion (with A Cold Vein, 2006, Blind Records)
  • Land Of Plenty (with The Redemption Center, 2010, Blind Records)
  • Light in Darkness (with Transparent, 2013, Bluebrick Recordings)
  • Without Heroes (with Pacifico, 2013, Pacifirecords)
  • Vekora (with Vekora, 2014, Fools of the World)
  • Songs From The Feather River Highway EP (with Michael Knott, 2016)
  • EP1 (with Blank Books, 2017)
  • Capsize (with Subways On The Sun, 2018, Spartan Records)
  • The Pop Disaster (with Luke Easter, 2018)
  • We Got It Covered. (with Handsome Young Ladies, 2019, Alarm Clock Revolution)

Compilation discography[edit]

  • Sweet Family Music: A Tribute to Stryper - All For One (as Dinner Mint)
  • Isaiah 53:5 A Tribute to Stryper - The World Of You And I (as Dinner Mint)
  • Persuading You Near - Evening Windows (as Clive Staples)
  • Scenes - For Fear of His Splendor (as The Color Nature)
  • Nehemia Project 1 - The Time I Chased the Sun (as The World Inside)
  • Vitaphonic (and other sonic pleasures) - September (as The World Inside)

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