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Prima Ballerina Jessica Mezey
Prima Ballerina Jessica Mezey

Jessica Mezey is an American prima ballerina.


She began her ballet training in upstate New York, continuing in Arizona, New York City and finally at the famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in St. Petersburg (Russia), where she received her diploma. She has danced the entire classical repertoire, as well as neoclassic and diverse modern styles.

She has danced leading roles in many national theaters including the leading part of Medora of the ballet Le Corsaire from Adolphe Adam[1] at the Slovak National Theatre,[2] or in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan and Mongolia. The following ballets were choreographed on her in the "Volkstheater Rostock" (Germany)[3][4][5] from 2005 to 2009: The Nutcracker, Cinderella (by Sergei Prokofiev),[6] Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake [7] and Undine by Hans Werner Henze. She has toured extensively in Europe, America and Asia.

She also writes concepts for fashion shows, events[8] and theater productions. She has lastly created and directed two original theater productions in Alt Klöstermühle, Madlitz[9] (Germany). Presently she lives and works in New York and Germany.

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