Jesus Hates Zombies

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Jesus Hates Zombies
Created by Stephen Lindsay
Publication information
Publisher 215Ink
Schedule Semi-Annually
Title(s) Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Yea Though I Walk
Publication date October 2007
Number of issues 5
Main character(s) Jesus Christ
Creative team
Writer(s) Stephen Lindsay
Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Michael Bartolotta
Penciller(s) Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Lauren Monardo
Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Michael Bracco
Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Jeff McComsey
Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Andy Pollock
Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Mark Lauthier
Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Danilo Beyruth
Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Stephanie O'Donnell
Yea, Though I Walk Vol. 1
Steve Cobb
Yea, Though I Walk Vol. 2,3,4
Daniel Thollin
Letterer(s) Yea, Though I walk
Stephen Lindsay
Creator(s) Stephen Lindsay
Editor(s) Those Slack-Jaw Blues
Peter Simeti
Yea, Though I Walk
Erin Kohut
Collected editions
Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues ISBN 0-9797874-5-9

Jesus Hates Zombies is a series of graphic comic novels written by Stephen Lindsay, with art by various artists. Yea, Though I Walk was drawn by Steve Cobb[1] in the first issue and Daniel Thollin for the remaining issues.[2]

Publication history[edit]

Those Slack-Jaw Blues was originally self-published by Stephen Lindsay in October 2007.[3] It was then re-published by Alterna Comics in November 2007.[4] All four volumes of Yea, Though I Walk were also published by Alterna Comics until May 2010.[5]

Jesus Hates Zombies has moved publishers to 215Ink with a collection of all the Jesus Hates Zombies stories to date slated to be released in January 2011[needs update].[6]


In a not so distant future, zombies have overrun the earth. Fearing for the future of humanity, God sends his son Jesus Christ to save humanity. Upon returning, he finds that his powers are greatly diminished as they are tied to others' faith in him. So he sets out to find the last remaining faithful and rally them to his cause.

Along the way he comes across various friends including Mother Teresa, Elvis Presley, a stripper named King, and a time traveling Abraham Lincoln, who brings his own problem along. Werewolves.

Collected editions[edit]

The series was released in a variety of forms. The first stories were in a standard sized anthology. Yea, Though I Walk was serialized in a series of 4 digest size books:

  • Those Slack-Jaw Blues (144 pages, November 2007, ISBN 0-9797874-5-9)
  • Jesus Hates Zombies/Lincoln Hates Werewolves: Yea, Though I Walk Vol. 1 (64 pages, September 2008, ISBN 0-9797874-8-3)
  • Jesus Hates Zombies/Lincoln Hates Werewolves: Yea, Though I Walk Vol. 2 (64 pages, April 2009, ISBN 1-934985-10-4)
  • Jesus Hates Zombies/Lincoln Hates Werewolves: Yea, Though I Walk Vol. 3 (64 pages, November 2009, ISBN 1-934985-15-5)
  • Jesus Hates Zombies/Lincoln Hates Werewolves: Yea, Though I Walk Vol. 4 (64 pages, May 2010, ISBN 1-934985-18-X)

Other media[edit]

Michael Mongillo wrote the screenplay along with actor Jason Alan Smith and was originally slated to helm the project as director, however, Mongillo has since moved into a Producer role and directing responsibilities have been taken up by actor Eric Balfour. Mali Elfman and Jason Alan Smith are also on board to Produce.[7]

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