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Jeumont-Schneider was a French electric and mechanical engineering group, founded in 1964.


Jeumont-Schneider was formed in 1964 through a merger of FACEJ (Forges et Ateliers de Construction Electriques de Jeumont) and Matériel Electrique S-W (Schneider-Westinghouse).[1][2]

The company had activities in electric motors and other power electrical equipment, industrial controls and automation, hydraulic pumps, and included equipment for the nuclear industry.[3]

In 1986 the company divested its loss making railway traction activities to Alsthom.[3] The group's telephony business, unsuccessful in comparison to Matra, was sold to Bosch in 1988.[2]

In 1992 the activities of Jeumont-Schneider Industrie relating to nuclear power were taken over by Framatome. Other activities of the group: Jeumont Schneider Industrie and the division Jeumont-Schneider Automation went into joint management by Framatome and Alstom-Alcatel; the division were renamed Jeumont Industrie and Jeumont Automation.[4]


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