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Jeyes Group Ltd
Industry Disinfectant, household chemicals, cleaning products, industrial cleaning

John Jeyes

Cambridge, England
Products Jeyes Fluid, Parozone, Bloo, Easy, Quickies, Kleen Off

Jeyes Fluid /ˈz/ is a brand of disinfectant fluid made by Jeyes Group Ltd. in Thetford, Norfolk, England. It is for outdoor use only.[1]

Patented by John Jeyes in 1877 the product was granted a Royal Warrant to the British Royal Family in 1896, and continues to supply the Royal household to this day.

Jeyes Group had an exclusive licence to sell the following brands into the UK professional cleaning market until it sold the professional division to Selden Research Ltd:[2][3]

Historically Jeyes Fluid has also been used in medical treatments, as quoted by Dr. William Robert Woodman in the British Medical Journal (1888, Vol 2):[4]

Dr. Woodman drew special attention to the scarlet fever cases treated in hospital, and pointed out that the whole of the deaths among them occurred in 1877. From 1877 to December 31st 1887, 241 cases of scarlet fever were treated by the medical officers at the sanatorium without a death."[5]

Since 1877 Dr. Woodman's patients were given frequent warm baths with some Jeyes' Fluid added. This proved significant in the treatment of scarlet fever and the prevention of dropsy, which usually followed.

For the first time in its 130 years, Jeyes Fluid appeared on television screens with a £500,000 advertising campaign that was aired in the UK over the Easter bank holiday in 2011. This campaign was to widen the appeal of the brand, remind consumers of its versatility, and introduce the product to a new generation.[6]


Name[7] EC-No CAS-No % Content Risk Statements
4-chloro-m-cresol 200-431-6 59-50-7 5 - < 10% Xn;R21/22 R43 Xi;R41 N;R50
Tar acids, (poly-)alkylphenol fraction 284-893-4 84989-05-9 5 - < 10% T;R24/25. Xi;R38
Propan-2-ol 200-661-7 67-63-0 1 - < 2.5% F;R11 Xi;R36 R67
Terpineol 232-268-1 8000-41-7 2.5 - < 5% Xi;R38

It has a pH from 8.0 to 10.0.[1]


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