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Jiaoshi Yilin (Chinese: 焦氏易林; pinyin: Jiāoshì Yìlín; literally: "Forest of Changes by Jiao") is a Chinese book of divination composed during the Western Han Dynasty. Modeled on the I Ching, the work was attributed to Jiao Yanshou (焦延壽, see zh:焦贛), though not much is known about the author. He is said to have been the teacher of Jing Fang.[1]

The work was one of the few surviving books of divination produced in that period of Chinese history. It contains 64 x 64 = 4096 hexagrams (I Ching contains 64); each of the hexagram is commented by a short poem (3-8 lines; each line comprises, in most cases, 4 characters). Besides its historical value, the work has also been treasured for its literary merit.

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