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Background information
Born Seoul, South Korea
Genres Indie rock, pop, rock, R&B,
Occupation(s) Singer, song-writer, actress, multimedia artist
Instruments Voice, guitar, bass
Years active 2007–present
Website jihae.net

Jihae Kim, better known as Jihae (stylized as JiHAE), is a South Korea-born singer-songwriter, actress, and multimedia artist based in the United States.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Jihae was born in Seoul, South Korea and lived in various parts of the world in her youth from her home country to Nigeria, Sweden and then to New York City. She graduated with a BA degree in Political Science from Emory University, intending to follow in her father's footsteps as a diplomat, but instead she moved to New York and became an artist.

Music career[edit]

After demo deals with Atlantic Records and London Records at the start of her songwriting career, Jihae decided to release her work independently so she could "express honestly".

In 2009, Jihae launched Septem, a boutique music and multimedia company dedicated to music for production and social cause based projects. Septem is also a digital platform to showcase artists of any medium curated by select artists.

In 2010, Jihae co-created a rock opera, Fire Burning Rain, with Academy Award-winning playwright/director John Patrick Shanley, based on her concept album of the same name.

Illusion of You, her 2015 album, was co-produced by Jihae and Jean-Luc Sinclair with executive producer Dave Stewart. Dave Stewart is also guest artist on this album, along with Django James and Sam Stewart from the band Nightmare and the Cat. Illusion of You features a song co-written by Jihae, Leonard Cohen and Dave Stewart called "It Just Feels".

Music for Production[edit]

In recent years, Jihae created original compositions for commercials and short films for the following brands:


  • Michel GondryMy Heart Is an Elephant (LP, 2007)
    Jihae recorded filmmaker Michel Gondry playing percussion with kitchenware and a snare drum. For this record, Trace Magazine declared Jihae "a creative genius." [6]
  • Lenny KravitzMy Heart Is an Elephant (LP, 2007)
    Lenny Kravitz plays bass and guitar on "In Love with a Tornado".
  • Kevin Thomas - Black Pearl (short film, 2007)
    Black Pearl is a six-minute short film set in Hong Kong based on Jihae's first single. Jihae and Kevin Thomas collaborated on the concept and making of the short where she plays both male and female lead characters. The film is about a love story about a young rebellious son of a liberace, who owns a hair salon caught in a time warp and his forbidden love, the daughter of a mobster.[7]
  • Christopher Doyle and Gerald Byrnes - Interview (video art, 2008)
    Interview is a video art piece by Gerald Byrnes, shot by Christopher Doyle using live interviews from the late 60's as script and story. Jihae sings and acts in the piece, which was launched at the Venice Biennale in 2008.[8]
  • Marco Brambilla - Ghost (video art, 2010)
    Ghost is a 2010 video art piece by Marco Brambilla. Jihae uses her breath like a percussive instrument, breathing Maurice Ravel's classical piece Boléro.[9]
  • Koh Sang Woo - Performance Art (2011)
    Jihae collaborates with Korean painter/photographer Koh Sang Woo on a performance art presentation at the Asian Arts Award Ceremony.
  • Dave Stewart (2012)
    "Man to Man Woman to Woman" is a song by Dave Stewart.

Jihae sings a duet with Stewart for the Walk a Mile project initiated by the US State Department. Walk a Mile is a global campaign to stop bigotry and promote respect across lines of culture, religion, tradition, class, and gender.[10]

Multimedia artist[edit]

Also a multimedia artist, Jihae's expanding work in music, fine art and films and theater has her works featured on IFC, NME, MTV, Pitchfork, ID, Vogue Germany, NY Press, and various other outlets.

Fire Burning Rain Rock Opera
Created by Jihae and John Patrick Shanley. Inspired by Joan of Arc, it is a futuristic tale of a heroine's journey to free 'the light' to save the dying earth and humanity. Jihae and a cast of twenty dancers, actors and acrobats performed Fire Burning Rain at Le Poisson Rouge on September 7, 2010 and the Highline Ballroom on September 8, 2011.[11][12]
Elvis Is Still Alive
A video art piece based on the song "Elvis Is Still Alive" that premiered on IFC.[13]
A video art piece of a storm in Watermill, NY in 2010.[14]
Best Thing
A music video shot and directed by Jihae in Vermont in 2009.[15]

Social causes[edit]

Many of Jihae's projects have focused on enacting social change. She has donated her time and performance for the following organizations:

Simon Says Sing for Peace
Simon Says is an interactive musical peace movement created by Jihae. Using the most universal children's game as a tool for peace, Jihae wrote a children's peace song called "Simon Says" to give a voice to the children that don't have a voice. To create awareness of child soldiers and affected children in areas of conflict all over the world and promoting change using the power of song, Jihae made an instrumental version of "Simon Says" encouraging everyone to write and record their own peace message.[16]
2012 Hours against Hate
Jihae recorded and performed a duet with Dave Stewart "Man to Man, Woman to Woman" chosen by Hillary Clinton as the theme song for the 2012 Hours Against Hate. This global campaign was developed by the State Department to stop bigotry and promote respect across lines of culture, religion, tradition, class, and gender. It launched in July 2012 in collaboration with the Olympics Committee, Dave Stewart and the David Lynch Foundation in London with a pre-Olympic concert featuring performances from Mike Scott and the Waterboys, Daryl Hall, KT Tunstall, Dave Stewart and Jihae.[17]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Release date Ref
My Heart Is an Elephant March 15, 2007 [18]
Afterthought June 12, 2008 [1]
Elvis Is Still Alive November 11, 2008 [19]
Fire Burning Rain September 7, 2010 [18]
Illusion of You July 21, 2015 [20]



Year Title Role Ref
2009 2B Singer (as Jihae Kim) [21]
2018 Mortal Engines Anna Fang [22]


Year Title Role Ref
2016 Mars Joon Seung & Hana Seung [23]


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