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Jimena Hoyos Souza (born Dec. 31, 1977) is an actress who is a native of Bogotá, Colombia. Jimena Hoyos has worked in television (inside and outside Colombia), shortfilms and films outside Colombia. Perhaps most known for her role in The Devil Wears Prada and for being runner-up in the Soap Net Original Series I Wanna Be a Soap Star, where she showed up her amazing talent touching the fibers of the judge and the spectators.[1]

Background and career[edit]

Jimena started studying plastic arts in Colombia, she moved to the USA and worked in a magazine as editor, and took acting classes at Stella Adler Studio of Acting and in Sheila Gray Acting studio After two weeks of having acting classes, she convinced in the castings she participated and started to play roles in TV series in Colombia. Because of her success, she moved to the USA where started to act in some films, shortfilms and series and as a model.[2]


Personal life[edit]

Jimena was born in Colombia. and she has her roots at the southern countries in South America where her family born. Jimena shows up her incredible own sensitiveness, her ability for transmit what she wants, creativity and sense of being touched by the nature not only by acting in the films she participates, but also spreading all of her sentiments for the dogs by taking photographs of street dogs and creating their own frames with her foundation called "Gozques" dedicated for the welfare of the dogs in the streets, in memoria of her dog "Zico" when he died.

Gozques Foundation[edit]

Jimena has been very active with her foundation named Gozques and she has been feeding more than one hundred dogs daily with a food dispenser for dogs she created in a very creative and efficient way to keep the street dogs with food.[3] Also, she has been designing the frames for the pictures she takes from the dogs making it with different elements she takes from junkyards getting them reusable becoming the design of the frame fitted with the environment of the picture.[4][5]


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