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Jimmy Nah
Chinese name藍顉嘻 (traditional)
Chinese name蓝钦喜 (simplified)
PinyinLán Qīnxǐ (Mandarin)
Jyutpinglam1 jam1 hei2 (Cantonese)
BornJimmy Nah Khim See
(1967-04-13)13 April 1967[1]
Singapore Singapore
Died4 January 2008(2008-01-04) (aged 40)
Singapore Singapore
Resting placeMandai Crematorium
Other namesMC King, MC Nah Khim See
OccupationActor, comedian
Years active1990–2008
Associated actsMark Lee, Henry Thia

Jimmy Nah (13 April 1967 – 4 January 2008), better known by his nickname "MC King", was a Singaporean comedian and actor known for his many roles in the comedy variety show Comedy Night/Nite (搞笑行动) and other J Team productions.

Early life and career[edit]

Nah entered the entertainment industry in 1990 after completing the SBC drama training course.[2] He made his debut in a drama series titled Friends Next Door. He played a character who was perennially on leave, thus earning him his nickname. He also hosted Comedy Nite along with Mark Lee and acted in a couple of local movies, including Jack Neo's Just Follow Law and I Not Stupid Too, as well as a number of local drama serials.

Personal life and death[edit]

Nah was rushed to hospital after he experienced breathing difficulties while at home near Old Airport Road in the morning of 4 January 2008. He died at about 13:00 hours at Tan Tock Seng Hospital at the age of 40. A MediaCorp report said it is not known if the well-known actor had suffered from any health problems. In his last entry he posted on his blog on New Year's Eve, he had wished for good health in the coming year and for the renewal of his MediaCorp contract. His death certificate stated the cause of death as heart and lung failure. Nah was cremated on Sunday, January 6, 2008, following a funeral. Actors present at the service included Patricia Mok, Rayson Tan, Henry Thia, Lin Youfa, and Steven Woon.


Television programmes[edit]

  • Comedy Night/Nite 搞笑行动 (1990-2003)
  • Friends Next Door 我爱芳邻 (1990) as MC King
  • Wishing Well 幻海奇遇 之《六尺儿童》(1990) as Lin Da Xiong (Da Niu) 林大雄 (大牛)
  • Fatal Endearment 谍海危情 (1991) as Fat Chef 胖厨
  • From Heaven To Earth 七彩人间 (1991) as Bai Wu Chang 白无常
  • Behind Bars 铁狱雷霆 (1991) as Du Ming Hua 杜明华
  • The Last Swordsman 最后一个大侠 (1991) as Hua Gong Gong 华公公
  • The Other Woman 醋劲100 (1991) as Thomas
  • The Future is Mine 锦绣前程 (1991) as Yang Dong Dong 杨东东
  • Crazy Chase 富贵也疯狂 (1992) as Li Yi Wen 李益文
  • Love Is In The Air 爱在女儿乡 (1992) as Ben
  • Mystery II 迷离夜II 之《不死咒》&《问我是谁》 (1992) as Peter & David 彼得 & 大卫
  • Heavenly Beings 再战封神榜 (1993)
  • Reaching for the Stars 银海惊涛 (1993)
  • Invincible Warriors 皇朝铁将金粉情 (1993)
  • The Witty Advisor 金牌师爷 (1993) as Shi JIn Cheng 石金成
  • The Wilful Siblings 斗气姐妹 (1993) as Private Detective 私家侦探
  • Young Justice Bao 侠义包公 (1994) as Ding Da Bing 丁大炳
  • Shadow In The Dark 一号凶宅 (1994) as A-Bing 阿炳
  • The Magnate 叱咤风云 (1994) as John 约翰
  • Dark Obsession 疯蝶 (1994) (telemovie) as Inspector Chen 陈探长
  • Neighbourhood Heroes 大英雄小人物 (1995)
  • Homes at 168 大牌168 (1995)
  • Strange Encounters III 奇缘III 之《灶神》 (1995) as Chen Wan Zhong 陈望重
  • Dream Hunters 追心一族 (1995) as Zeng Chao Qun 曾超群
  • Project B "B"计划 (1995)
  • The Legends of Ji Gong 活佛济公 (1996)
  • Triad Justice 飞越珍珠坊 (1996)
  • Police & Thief
  • Women of Times 至尊红颜 (2006)
  • Let It Shine 萤火虫的梦 (2007) as Bao Pei Shuang 包培双
  • Happily Ever After 凡间新鲜人 (2007)
  • Like Father, Like Daughter 宝贝父女兵 (2007)
  • Honour and Passion 宝家卫国 (2007)
  • Taste of Love 缘之烩 (2008)
  • Just in Singapore 一房半厅一水缸 (2008)



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