Conquest of Jinhan by Silla

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Saro, the most powerful statelet of the Jinhan confederacy, conquered each of the other statelets and later became Silla.

The result of conquest war, Jinhan was completely annexed to Silla in the late 3rd century. However, some states absorbed in Gaya confederacy.


  • 79? :U-si and Kueo-ch’il

1st part[edit]


  • 102 : Eumjipbeol (present-day northern Gyeongju), 음즙벌국
  • 104 : Siljikgok (present-day Samcheok), 실직곡국


2nd part[edit]

  • 185 : 소문국 near Uiseong
  • 231 : 감문국 near Gimcheon
  • 236 : 골벌국 near Yeongcheon
  • 247-261 : 사량벌국 near Sangju

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