Jiugong Tunnel

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Coordinates: 24°25′25.1″N 118°15′45.7″E / 24.423639°N 118.262694°E / 24.423639; 118.262694

Jiugong Tunnel
九宫坑道口 - Entrance of Jiugong Tunnel - 2014.05 - panoramio.jpg
Official name九宮坑道
LocationLieyu, Kinmen, Taiwan
Length790 m
Tunnel clearance11.5 m

The Jiugong Tunnel (Chinese: 九宮坑道; pinyin: Jiǔgōng Kēngdào) or Siwei Tunnel (Chinese: 四維坑道; pinyin: Sìwéi Kēngdào) is a tunnel in Lieyu Township, Kinmen County, Fujian Province, Republic of China.


The tunnel is located on a coastal area at the southeast of Lieyu Island. It is located in a reef of granite mountain.[1]


The tunnel was constructed in a twin T-shape with four exits. It spans over a length of 790 meters and a height of 11.5 meters.[1]

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