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Directed byR. S. Ramanathan
Produced byT. N. Janakiraman
Written byR. S. Ramanathan
Music byBharathwaj
CinematographyP. Primoos
Edited byL. Kesavan
Hi-Tec Media
Release date
  • 28 September 2002 (2002-09-28)
Running time
150 minutes

Jjunction is a 2002 Tamil romantic drama film directed by R. S. Ramanathan. The film features Abhinay, Kanishka Sodhi and Aamna Sharif in lead roles, with Vinayak Raj, Venniradai Moorthy, Pandu, Ravi Shanth, R. Aishwarya and Meera Krishnan playing supporting roles. The film, produced by T. N. Janakiraman, had musical score by Bharathwaj and was released on 28 September 2002.[1][2][3]


Kannan (Abhinay) is a carefree college student and always hangs out with his group of friends. They spent much of their time smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eve teasing the college girls, making fun of the teachers and loitering around the campus after school. Kannan is also a hardcore fan of cinema actress Meera (Kanishka Sodhi). Vinay (Vinayak Raj), the senior student, is a womaniser who spoiled the lives of many girls and ragged Kannan for no particular reason. After initial clashes between Kannan and his classmate Jennifer (Aamna Sharif), they eventually fall in love with each other. Meera is a philanthropist who helps the poor and orphan children whenever she gets a chance. One day, Jennifer won a contest to meet Meera but she gives the opportunity to her lover Kannan. Kannan then spends one day with his favourite actress Meera, Meera is therefore attracted by his friendly approach and humorous speech, thus she befriends him. Kannan realizes that she is a genuine and a very humble person. The young Kannan was motivated by his friends to sleep with Meera. Kannan then openly asks her to have sex with him, Meera takes him in her bedroom and asks him to choose between sex and friendship. Kannan chooses friendship and apologizes to her.

One day, the suicide of the college student Bhama (R. Aishwarya) over love-failure distressed the whole college, the culprit of her death is none other than Vinay. Thereafter, Meera falls in love with Kannan and reveals it to Jennifer. When she was a kid, the orphan and homeless Meera begged for food, she had to work hard to become a successful actress. Her only consolation was helping the children of the orphanage who call her "sister", but now she finds a soul mate. Jennifer changes her mind after the talk, she decides to sacrifice her love, thus Jennifer starts hanging out with Kannan's arch-enemy Vinay. Kannan, who is deeply in love with Jennifer, does not understand what is going on. Afterwards, Meera comes to know about Jennifer and Kannan's love and she unites the lovers. Vinay then decides to become a good person whereas Meera pursues her acting career.


  • Abhinay as Kannan
  • Kanishka Sodhi as Meera
  • Aamna Sharif as Jennifer
  • Vinayak Raj as Vinay
  • Venniradai Moorthy as College Principal
  • Pandu as Director
  • Ravi Shanth as Idi Amin
  • R. Aishwarya as Bhama
  • Meera Krishnan as Jennifer's sister-in-law
  • Ramesh as Badri
  • Vincent Roy as Producer
  • Prathyusha
  • R. Neelakantan
  • Rajappa as Rajappa
  • M. S. Bhaskar as Sivalingam
  • Kallukkul Eeram Ramanathan as Director
  • Kovai Senthil as Bhama's father
  • Bava Lakshmanan as Tea Master
  • Chaams as Konal Govindasamy
  • Baby Sofia as Young Meera
  • Ajay Raj in a special appearance
  • Nanditha Jennifer in a special appearance


Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
Bharathwaj chronology
Enge Enadhu Kavithai
I Love You Da

The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Bharathwaj. The soundtrack, released in 2002, features 5 tracks with lyrics written by Piraisoodan, Viveka, Snehan, Newton and Annamalai.[4][5]

Track Song Singer(s) Lyrics Duration
1 'Devathaiya' Srinivas, Reshmi Newton 4:29
2 'Ithukku Enna Artham' Yugendran Snehan 4:32
3 'Oru Tajmahalai' Praveen Annamalai 4:36
4 'Poo Mugam Siricha' Balram, Srilekha Parthasarathy Piraisoodan 4:07
5 'Shopping Pogum' Prashanthini Viveka 4:38


Malini Mannath said, "Abhinay gets to play the hero here, and dances, romances and fights without any fuss. The heroines are uncannily alike in appearance, dressing and performance. Pale-faced and anaemic looking, their sole contribution to the film is their willingness to dare and bare" and added, "The script is not very focused, the director not very clear as to what he wants to tell".[6] Reviewer Balaji Balasubramaniam wrote, "Thulluvadho Ilamai's success leads to movies like Jjunction (looks like the director needs a lesson in English spellings too apart from film-making!) which bank solely on glamour and vulgarity to try and recover the obviously low investment".[7]


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