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Joakim Eskildsen (born 1971 in Copenhagen) is a Danish art photographer.

Career as a photographer[edit]

Eskildsen was a pupil of Rigmor Mydtskov in Copenhagen and went to Finland in 1994 to study photographic book making with Pentti Sammallahti at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. He lives near Copenhagen and has shown some of his works in Europe (including Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, England, Italy), China, and South Africa.

From 2000-2006, together with the writer Cia Rinne, Eskildsen sought out Romani in various (mainly Eastern European) countries and other ethnic groups in India who are possibly related to the Roma. The fruits of this work have found their way into the book The Roma Journeys, which delivers insight into the life of the Roma by its text and more than 200 photographs.[1]



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  • Meknès (1997)
  • Traer (1997)
  • Blue Tide: A True Story / Maré Azul: uma história verdadeira. Opus 33. Helsinki: Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu, Valokuvataiteen laitos, 1997. ISBN 952-90-8814-0. (English) (Portuguese) With Cia Rinne.
  • A Voyage to iChickenMoon. Suomen valokuvataiteen museon julkaisuja, 7. Helsinki: Suomen Valokuvataineen Museo (Finnish Museum of Photography), 1999. ISBN 951-9086-57-9. Includes CD. With Cia Rinne and Sebastian Eskildsen. "Part of Shuttle 99, a Nordic-South African cultural exchange"; "Opus 38".
  • al-Madina (with Pentti Sammallahti and Kristoffer Albrecht, 2002)
  • The Roma Journeys. Göttingen: Steidl, 2007. ISBN 3-86521-371-5. (German) (English) Text: Cia Rinne. Preface: Günter Grass.
    • Roma-rejserne. Copenhagen: Kunsthallen Nikolaj, 2007. (Danish)
    • Die Romareisen. Göttingen: Steidl, 2009. ISBN 3-86521-429-0. (German)


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