Joan Agulló

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Joan Agulló
Personal details
Born Lérida, Catalonia, Crown of Aragon
Died 1462
Tàrrega, Catalonia, Crown of Aragon
Nationality Flag of Catalonia.svg Catalan
Occupation Revolutionary
Profession Military

Joan Agulló (15th century) was an Catalan nobleman, Army officer and Syndic of Lérida between 1446–1460.[1] He led a rebellion against King John II of Aragon and Navarra.[2]


Joan Agulló was born in the fifteenth century, son of Bernat Agulló (nephew of Guillem d'Agulló),[3]

During the Catalan Civil War 1462–1472, the Captain Agulló,[4] was one of the militia leaders who rebelled against King John II. In command of 800 men with the intention of strengthening the rebels Agulló, headed to the region of Pla d'Urgell way to Lérida, where they were surprised by forces loyal to King in Castelldans. The King John II forgive all men, except the Captain Joan Agulló who had been imprisoned. In 1462 Agulló was tortured and executed for treason in the city Tàrrega.[5] Catalonia.


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