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Sister Joan Evans, PBVM

Sister Joan Evans, PBVM is a retired Australian religious sister born in 1931 and now based in the Klong Toei slums in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a member of the Western Australian Congregation of Presentation Sisters. Sister Joan is a charity activist, who helps the needy youth and families in the slums of the Thai capital.[1] Each fortnight, Sister Joan supports around 170 babies with deliveries of powdered milk.

Prior to coming to Thailand, Sister Joan was a school teacher in Western Australia teaching Mathematics and Geography in schools throughout the state. Postings included Iona Presentation College in the Perth suburb of Mosman Park and Stella Maris Presentation College in the midwestern town of Geraldton. In 1992 she arrived in Bangkok and established several specific charitable projects for support for the needy in Bangkok.[2]


  • Education Project - supplying children and young adults from slum communities with school uniforms, shoes and bag
  • Fares and Food - assisting children and young adults from slum communities with school transport and food costs
  • Milk Run - supplying milk powder for needy young mothers[3]
  • Baby Kits - supplying essential items for newborn babies in slums communities
  • Health Care Needs - assisting with medical treatment requirements
  • Elderly Care and Support - providing assistance to the elderly in slum communities
  • Family Food Project - providing basic food supplies of rice, cooking oil, noodles, eggs and fish for poor families in the slum communities


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