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Joan (right) with her father and sister, circa 1905.

Joan London (January 15, 1901 – January 18, 1971) was the older of two daughters born to Jack London and his first wife Bess Maddern London. Joan's sibling, Bessie, was born on October 20, 1902. Both children were born in Piedmont, California.


Joan was the author of Jack London and His Times, a biography of her father. Her other works include Sylvia Coventry, Jack London and his Daughters[1] (an unfinished memoir), and So Shall Ye Reap: The Story of César Chávez & the California Farm Workers Movement (co-authored by Henry Anderson).[2]

Personal and death[edit]

London married twice. Her second husband was translator Charles Malamuth; they married in the 1920s and divorced in 1934.[3]

She died of throat cancer in 1971, at the age of 70.[4] She was cremated. Her son was instructed to throw her ashes into the ocean, but could not bring himself to do it, and so buried them in Yosemite.[4]

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