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Joanie V. Mackowski (born 1963 Illinois) is an American poet.


She grew up in Connecticut. She graduated from Wesleyan University, the University of Washington, was a Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University, and from University of Missouri with a Ph.D.[1]

She taught at University of Cincinnati.[2] She was an editor at Reconfigurations.[3]

Her work has appeared in Prairie schooner,[4] Antioch Review,[5] and Best American Poetry 2007.





Here's wildness and art, in right proportion: the wildness is surprise without swagger; the art is graceful and mostly disappearing, and otherwise a little extravagant. As in the case of jugglery (another of Joanie Mackowski's mastered arts), loopiness is nothing without the catch. Dropped clubs, flat cakes, flat notes--where but in poetry is a native gift for clumsiness, sedulously conserved, so praised? [8]


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