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Joaquín Galvez Naranjo (died c. 1976 or 1977) was a philatelist who in 1965 was awarded the Crawford Medal by the Royal Philatelic Society London for his work Los primeros sellos de Chile 1853 a 1867.[1] At the time it was published, this book was the first significant work on the philately of Chile since 1919.[2] The book was reprinted by Postilion Publications in the 1990s with an errata sheet and a prologue by Álvaro Bonilla Lara.

At the España 75 stamp exhibition, Galvez Naranjo won the Grand Prix d'Honneur for his entry "Chile".[3]

His collection was sold by Corinphila in Switzerland in 1979.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Los primeros sellos de Chile, 1853 a 1867. Santiago de Chile, 1964. In Spanish, English and French. Limited edition of 300 copies.
  • "Postal markings from the colonial and the Republic Post Offices up to 1867" in Collectors Club Philatelist, November 1966.
  • "1928-36 Surcharged air mail issues" in Aero Philatelist Annals, Vol. 17, No. 4, 1970.


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