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JobServe Ltd.
Private company
Industry Online Job-Board
Founded Tiptree, Essex, UK (1993)
Headquarters Tiptree, Essex, UK
Key people
Robbie Cowling, Co-founder and Managing Director

JobServe Ltd is a privately held company headquartered in Tiptree, Essex, United Kingdom, which runs an employment website. It was originally incorporated as Fax-Me-Limited in 1993 and later changed its name to JobServe Ltd. in 1995.[1] In 2008 JobServe became part of the Aspire Media Group, a holding company that offers various services for online recruitment. JobServe is currently managed by its co-founder Robbie Cowling.


JobServe currently has primary offices in Cleveland (OH), Atlanta (GA), Sydney (Australia), Ottawa (Canada) and Bangkok (Thailand).

Legal problems[edit]

Jobserve has faced a number of legal cases complaints to the Office of Fair Trading brought by other websites that Jobserve has abused the dominant place it achieved in the market. On 15 December 2000 the High Court made an injunction preventing the barring of Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo) members from using the service.[2][3] Repeated appeals against this judgement were made and rejected.[4][5]

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