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Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh accompanied by his second wife, Lady Winifred May Singh (née O'Donoghue) in Egypt c1920s

Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh, KCSI (25 May 1877 – 3 December 1946) was a member of the Viceroy's Executive Council in India. He served as Chairman of the Department of Health, Education and Lands. He was a figure in the Sikh community and one of several delegates chosen to represent the Sikh community before the Cripps' mission of 1942. He is also considered responsible for setting up a committee in 1946 that led to the formation of Indian Institutes of Technology.

He was knighted a second time with the KCSI in the 1946 Birthday Honours List.[1]

Sir Jogendra Singh died of a paralytic stroke at Iqbal Nagar, district Montgomery, now in Pakistan, on 3 December 1946.[citation needed] He was succeeded by his second wife Winifred May Singh (née O'Donoghue) and his six children and twenty grandchildren some of whom still reside at the Aira Holme Estate, Shimla.[citation needed]