Johan Johannson (businessman, born 1967)

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Johan Johannson
ResidenceOslo, Norway
Occupationheir of the wholesaler company Joh. Johannson
Known forowns nearly 70% of NorgesGruppen
Net worth$3.3 billion (May 2015)[1]
Parent(s)Knut Hartvig Johannson

Johan Johannson (born 1967) is a Norwegian billionaire businessman who is among the wealthiest people in Norway.

The son of Knut Hartvig Johannson, he is an heir of the wholesaler company Joh. Johannson, established in 1866.[2] Today, Joh. Johannson is a part of the NorgesGruppen corporation, where Johan Johannson has been a member of the board.[3]

In 2008, he was considered to be the third wealthiest person in Norway, with a fortune of NOK 18.5 billion,[4] approximately 3.15 billion U.S. dollars. He owns nearly 70% of NorgesGruppen.[1]

He is known for keeping a low public profile.[3]


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