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Johann Michael Sattler (28 September 1786 in Herzogenburg, Lower Austria – 28 September 1847 in Mattsee, Salzburg) was an Austrian portrait and landscape painter, best known for his large-scale panoramas.

Sattler attended the Vienna Academy beginning in 1804 under the tutelage of Hubert Maurer. In 1819 Sattler moved to Salzburg, where in 1824 he began to paint a 360-degree panorama of the city as seen from the top of Salzburg's castle. The massive work covered 125 square metres and was first exhibited in 1829. Salzburg made him an honorary resident. Stattler toured across Europe with the painting for ten years, writing about his return in 1838, "with 30 tons and crossing approximately 30,000 kilometres of land and water, a feat no one had ever done before me and one which would be difficult to repeat in the future."[1] Satler's son, the artist Hubert Sattler, donated the work to the city in 1870. The painting is now on display at the Salzburg Museum in a specially designed area called the Panorama Museum.

Sattler's panorama of Salzburg (4.86 × 25.81 m)


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