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Hubert Maurer, Circe and Odysseus, Kunsthistorisches Museum, 1785

Hubert Maurer (10 June 1738 – 10 December 1818) was an Austrian painter, draughtsman, and teacher.

Maurer was born in the Lengsdorf quarter of Bonn. In 1762, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. From 1772 until about 1776, he was one of a first group of artists provided with a pension. He specialized in portraits and religious-themed works.

Starting in 1785 he taught at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts for 32 years, where some of his students included Moritz Michael Daffinger, Peter Fendi, Friedrich von Amerling.[1] and Franciszek Ksawery Lampi,[2] Moritz Michael Daffinger (from 1801 to 1805), Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Wilhelm August Rieder, Peter Fendi, Johann Baptist von Lampi the Younger, Friedrich von Amerling and Johann Michael Sattler. The classes consisted mainly of drawing lessons. He died in Vienna 1818. His birthplace Lengsdorf has a street named after him.


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