Johannisthal air disaster

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Johannisthal air disaster
Crash Zeppelin LZ18 (LII).jpg
Painting of LZ18 descending in flames after the engine fire.
Accident summary
Date October 17, 1913
Summary In-flight explosion
Site near Johannisthal Air Field
Crew 28
Fatalities 28 (all)
Aircraft type Airship
Aircraft name LZ18 (manufacturer's designation)
Operator Imperial German Navy
Registration L 2 (military designation)

The Johannisthal air disaster was one of the first multiple-fatality air disasters in history. It involved the Imperial German Navy's L 2 airship manufactured by Luftschiffbau Zeppelin as LZ 18. Its test flight resulted in the death of all 28 passengers and crew on board. On 17 October 1913, at approximately 10:30am local time, hydrogen gas which was being vented was sucked into the forward engine and ignited causing the airship to explode and burn. It crashed near Johannisthal Air Field about 10 miles southeast of Berlin. This accident occurred a little over a month after the Helgoland Island Air Disaster.


Two blasts rocked the front section of the airship and it crashed into the water.[1]