John A. Creighton Boulevard

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John A. Creighton Boulevard
Location Omaha
From Hamilton Avenue 41°16′20″N 95°58′02″W / 41.27222°N 95.96722°W / 41.27222; -95.96722
To Bedford Street 41°17′49″N 95°57′33″W / 41.29694°N 95.95917°W / 41.29694; -95.95917
Inauguration = 1912

John A. Creighton Boulevard, is a boulevard-type north–south roadway in north Omaha, Nebraska. Running through the Adams Park neighborhood, the boulevard runs from Hamilton Avenue to Bedford Street.[1] It originally ran from Lincoln Boulevard to Paxton Boulevard, ending in the Orchard Hill neighborhood.

In 1912 the City of Omaha spent almost $4,000 on expenses related to the finishing of this roadway, named in honor of Omaha philanthropist John A. Creighton.[2] In recent years it has recently been the target of historic road preservationists intent on keeping the H.W.S. Cleveland-inspired design intact.[3] Plans for the boulevard include upgrading the roadway, adding roundabouts and reconnecting the boulevard with its historic connecting streets.[4] [5][6]

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