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John Argall (fl. 1565 - 8 October 1606 ) was an English cleric and logician.

Argall was admitted to Christ Church, Oxford, in the latter part of Queen Mary's reign; took the degree of M.A. in 1565, and was afterwards presented to the living of Halesworth, in Suffolk. "He was always esteemed", says Anthony Wood, "a noted disputant during his stay in the university; was a great actor in plays at Christ Church (particularly when the queen was entertained there, 1566), and, when at ripe years, a tolerable theologist and preacher".[1]

He died suddenly at table on the occasion of a feast at Cheston, near Halesworth, and was buried in Halesworth Church on 8 October 1606.


Two tracts of Argall's are extant:

  1. De vera Pœnitentia, London, 1604;
  2. Introductio ad artem Dialecticam, London, 1605.