John Branyan

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John Branyan
MediumStand-up, television, theatre
Years activeyes
GenresObservational, anecdotal, clean
SpouseLori Branyan
ChildrenMandy, Tim, Tabby and Andrew
Notable works and rolesShakespearean The Three Little Pigs / A Triune Tale of Diminutive Swine; Wedlocked

John Branyan (born 1965) is an American comedian and writer. He is known for his clean stand-up comedy.


Branyan has been a professional comedian since prior to 1997. Although best known for performing stand-up comedy, he also performs improv comedy with the troupe Think Tank.[1] He has written for the American Comedy Network.[1] He co-wrote and performed in the theatrical presentation, Crazy Love, which was on a national tour for three years.[1]

He has participated in Jay Leno's National Comedy Competition[1][2] and has been featured on nine recorded comedy projects with people like Ken Davis, David Jeremiah, Ted Cunningham and Tim Hawkins.

Branyan's mock-Shakespearean version of The Three Little Pigs has been viewed as of January 2017 nearly 2 million times on[3] His book version, A Triune Tale of Diminutive Swine, is in its third reprinting.

He is the inventor of a comedy writing system, Active Notebook.

Personal life[edit]

He and his wife, Lori, have been married since about 1986.[a] They have four children[4] (Mandy, Tim, Tabby and Andrew)[2] and three grandchildren.

He enjoys playing board games.


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  1. ^ In his 2009 onstage performance Wedlocked (ASIN 1897020716), he stated he has been married 21 years.

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