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John Carroll Dolan (born July 1955) is an American poet, author and essayist. He formerly wrote for and co-edited the now defunct the eXile and was a regular contributor to NSFWCorp. He is currently a contributor at PandoDaily and has a regular PodCast "War Nerd Wednesdays" which he co-hosts with Mark Ames.[1]


John Dolan was born in Denver, Colorado in 1955. Dolan taught and studied at UC Berkeley, where he completed a PhD thesis on the literary writing of the Marquis de Sade.

He has published poems in many US and New Zealand literary journals and his first collection won the Berkeley Poetry Prize in 1988. In 1993, he moved to Dunedin, New Zealand, where he lectured at the University of Otago. During his time in Dunedin, Dolan contributed regularly to the Otago literary journal Deep South. In 2001 Dolan resigned his academic post, and moved to Moscow to become co-editor of the eXile, a bi-weekly English-language publication based there. He was the first reviewer of A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, a bestseller featured on Oprah's monthly bookclub, to correctly expose this alleged memoir as fraudulent years before that was officially brought to light (the title of Dolan's review was "A Million Pieces of Shit" and the first line was "This is the worst thing I have ever read") [1]. He is married to his former student, Katherine Liddy. Dolan then relocated to Canada to teach at the University of Victoria in Canada in 2006. He claims to have been fired for encouraging students to criticize George Monbiot in 2008.[2] Until spring 2010, Dolan was an associate professor of English composition and literature at the American University of Iraq - Sulaimani. He was fired in 2010 and wrote a lengthy article on his experience there.[3] He subsequently taught ESL Saudi Arabia in Najran, until he was fired for one of the War Nerd Articles, and shortly after from Timor Leste, where he was fired for writing an article on the Indonesian occupation of Timor. He is currently based out of Europe as he writes his next novel, a re-telling of The Illiad.


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Other publications[edit]

  • Masculinities in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Aotearoa Dunmore Press: Palmerston North (1999). In addition to co-editing with R. Law and H. Campbell, Dolan collaborated on the introduction, one chapter of original material, and an interview. The table of contents is available online.
  • Writing Well, Speaking Clearly, University of Otago Press 1997, ISBN 1-877133-69-8. A textbook.
  • Dolan has acknowledged writing The War Nerd column for The eXile, under the pseudonym Gary Brecher.[4]
  • While this has not been publicly acknowledged by Dolan, critical reading reveals that the club reviews of one 'Denis Salnikov', in The Exile, are very probably his own work as well.

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